There are three types of students: students who always do their homework, students who cheat all the time and the ones who never do anything on their own, but manage to meet deadlines and get good grades. One question pops up: ‘How is it possible’? Or is it possible at all?

In fact, there is nothing unusual about that and the explanation to it is easy: students buy college papers. In the last 10-15 years this ‘used-to-be’ divisive issue has become a norm. There are plenty of websites which help students in writing research works legally. The recent research shows that almost all students use these websites somehow. They either download papers or have them written for a fee.

Let’s dig deeper into this matter. Why do college or university students need to buy papers?
Well, the weight of studying at college or university isn’t easy. Sometimes, the pressure is unbearable and demands are unmanageable. Those students who aren’t used to studying hard might find it rather difficult for them to keep up with everything. That’s why they start looking for way outs. Such writing services come in handy for foreign students, who have part-time jobs, students with families or just those who are going through some challenges right now.

Academic writing is becoming one of the most lucrative businesses, demand is always high. The most popular types of college papers requested from such custom-writing services are essays, MA thesis and research papers. Buying papers is a necessary reaction to everything what is going on in the educational system. More applicants from other countries whose knowledge of English isn’t impressive to write extraordinary academic works need such help and there is nothing wrong about it.  Most college or university professors claim that purchasing papers online is the same thing as plagiarism, but it isn’t. The papers are often written by professionals. Such papers are well-researched and unique.

Well, it is up to everyone whether to buy a college paper or not, but one thing remains clear: students who have everything done by others won’t learn a thing.

Moreover, it is always possible to ask for help, there are so many programs, writing centers or study groups which help students become better at writing.